Here’s to your health, I’m Dr. Teague Lynn Pate!

So, Fat Tuesday was great until Thin Wednesday came along and I puked my guts up for the whole day. Here goes Lent! I’m not sure that losing four lbs in one day is in any way beneficial, plus I don’t think that I should be back at school right now, but we only get 11 sick days a year before they start taking their pound of flesh out of my paycheck…which is yet another way that I think it is not beneficial to lose weight.

I have yet to discover all the hidden intricacies of this crazy blog format, but I sure do like that it isn’t blocked at school…yet. Its nice to be able to vent into the unknown vaccuum of the internet.


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  1. i usually wake up skinny in the mornings and get fatter throughout the day. this morning i woke up fat, so i’m thinking, ‘aw, shit. this can’t be good.’

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