I told one of my students that his name is over 4oo years old.

So in the interesting of finding out whether the story of Tristan and Isolt was half as gay as the picture show, I decided to judge a book by its cover just the other day (which is something I do with shocking regularity by the by) and picked it up at the local lib-ary.

I am pleased to announce that it-thus far-has been way less gayness. Which isn’t a real sentence. Anyhoo, I started reading it this morning instead of taking a shower which means I am now rocking the ” I know you did not wear that hair today” look. In the interest of solidarity and fighting for the rights of a hithertofor ridiculous story I would like to type for you an excerpt to prove its enduring awesomeness:

” And Tristan regathered his strength and raised his sword and struck the serpent. But he found its hide so hard that he could not make the sword penetrate. Then he struck again with a thrusting blow. And the serpent came at him with its maw gaping to eat him. And Tristan saw it and shoved the sword down its throat and into its belly and cut it open from heart to belly in two pieces. And then the serpent lay dead. And Tristan cut out its tongue and shoved it into his breeches. Then he departed, but he had hardly gone a step when he fell to the ground as though dead, on account of the venom of the serpent’s tongue that he had in his breeches.”


2 Responses

  1. Holy crap, that is an amazing paragraph!! It kind of makes me want to read the book, and I don’t read fiction very often.

  2. i’d like to hear more about your valentines, please.

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