I want a dog and a kick ass apartment

yesterday, while I was making journals for with my kinders, some little grey eyes in a little brown face popped up over the once that I was piecing together to ask, ” Mith Schwarpth, what happen ip you eat gwittuh?” My natural response was clearly the most appropriate, “You die.” “Reaweey? You die? You die ip you eat gwittuh?!” “Yes, you die.” “How you know?” “I know because its poisonous, and poison kills you” (utter falsehoods here) “Are you sure Mith Schwarpth? Are you sure gwittuh wheew keew you?” “No, it won’t. I’m just teasing you.” “oh good,” little brown face lights up, “Cuth Nickwath put gwittuh in you copee”

Fast forward: “Boy, you guys weren’t kidding when you said you put glitter in my coffee! Fancy!”

Baby teethed chuckles from all around. “Wow, big sequins and everything.” More refreshingly evil giggles.


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