Gimmie two steps, gimmie two steps mister

Last night I went to a place that white people surely love. It was this dive bar that felt like an exact replica of the Juke joint from The Color Purple (my all time favorite movie-so of course I had a good time!). Its one of those dive bars, for people who don’t really want to go to an actual dive bar, it just has this appearance of being one. I know this because all of the bartenders are young attractive women who are trendy is some way, and there were sharpie markers in the bathroom so that you could feel free to vandilize in a place where it isn’t considered vandalism.

The band was one of those bands that granola white people like-hence the reason that I was there, but the smoke was so thick I couldn’t breathe. I almost went and sat in the rafters because it was so hot that the three frontment and their overalls were flinging sweat on me, but I decided against it. Eventually, after picking a beer at random based on the label and only drinking half of it, we ran away to clean air, but before that happened this did-

Guy that was kinda with my group: “Man, I just love this place, you always see such an eclectic group of people here-its so great!”

Me: “Yeah, but they’re all white.”

Party foul, but the look on his face was worth it all. I should mention that the look on his face was a testament to why I am still single. I can’t resist the “I’m superior to you and you are an idiot” comment. It suckers me in every time.  


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