On Tattoos, and other permanent fashion statements.

Kids. Kids are almost as permanent a fashion statement as tattoos, but not quite. A kid can always die.

I like to think about what I would get drawn on my body by a professional in painful blue black ink, and I reckon (after many years of thought) it would probably be a tree.


Or those awesome rings like Hugh Jackman in The Fountain: not that this picture illustrates those rings. I couldn’t find one that did. Maybe I am a google imagetard???

Anyway, one of my favorite things to do is sit and think about what horrible tattoos I would get if they weren’t permanent, because rest assured-if I wasn’t wearing a permanent tree, I would be wearing something really dumb just because.

Top Ten Horrible tattoos I would indulge in (so sorry if this describes you…)

1. Asian writing on the back of my neck

2. A Koi fish swirling around a pool of lilly pads on my shoulder

3. A unicorn comprised entirely of flowers on …

6. A mother-centric tattoo of some kind. She’s the only person that doesn’t really go out of style.

7. Some guy’s name. No one in particular-just a random name. maybe even one of a guy I’ve never known…Like Cantellathe, or well, I can’t think of any. Maybe Rocky.

8. A horiscope sign that does not belong to me. Maybe Pisces. Then I could fulfill the horiscope one, plus #2 all in one go.

9. The state of Arkansas, maybe with psychadelic swirls of tie dye looking color playing gently across my calf.

10. SOme cartoon character or other, preferably obscure and poorly drawn if at all possible. Maybe the Green Lantern, or Captain Planet-I like him a lot. Then I could be both patriotic and immature!


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