I’ve been thinking about what Sarah said

She said that in her Development of Human Psychology class (I think that’s what it was called), she learned that women tend to think they are less good looking than they really are, and men tend to think they are much better looking than they really are. I think this is probably somewhat true. I think I am not that good looking, and some guys thinks I am hot, and some don’t. I don’t think I am empirically good looking, but the point is-I know lots of guys that think they look better than they do. Plus, I know lots of girls that want these guys that aren’t quite as good looking as they carry themselves.

No big deal. Usually, I can’t stand good looking guys because they are such douche bags, or perhaps just incredibly vain. Typically in the past I’ve gone for some fairly gnarly looking fellas, so it stands to reason that I have deigned myself a female that is “impervious to good looks”…..


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  1. Development in the Life Cycle is what I’ve been calling it. God knows if that’s actually correct. Longest effing class title in the world.
    Jury is still out on ACL, though I can officially say that I have asked Zack. Just now. On his voicemail. Cause I might have otherwise forgotten. Oops. Love me anyway. I’ll find out sooner than later.

    YES. You have been to a family reunion. Among the hundreds of family photos I have, there are exactly two of you in a black spaghetti strap shirt, sitting next to me, in my cousin’s back yard in Buffalo, Texas. Not remembering that I had dragged you to such an event, I had to reference your chest birthmark to ensure that it was, in fact, you. Then I took the picture to Zack and said, “Who are these people?” To which he replied, “Boo, your Uncle Mike, … and… ” And I said “NUMBER FIVE!” He was just as shocked as I was. I’ll post those pictures on the internet soon. Special for you.

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