Sometimes ya got somethin’ ta say.



I uh, commissioned a friend of mine’s “Shaman” to handmake me a pair of moccasins. This man, though he may be strange and tiny braided, makes the most beautiful moccasins. I have been waiting about two years to ask him to make me a pair. Then one day, his appearance and my $100 showed up at the same time and I commissioned them.

Friday night came, and I went to pick them up (all little-girl-at-Christmas excited about it too) and when i walked into the gallery-they were white. White leather my friends. I had a very hard time not seizing right there, but I’m a grown up so I happily put them on and scooted around in my $100 walmart sack looking Moccasins, and then lied ever so graciously about how fabulous they were. Then I hightailed it out-because I didn’t know how to politely say, “These are the ugliest, most humiliating things I have ever seen in my life. I look like a Grandma-Majorette-Nurse, and those three things are three things I have never in my life wanted to be, much less look like. I demand new ones, in brown like normal people! Take this scurf back!”


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