In Other Words

I have finally decided on a nome de plume.

Drum roll please…(no drumroll? it’s ok, I understand, no hard feelings)

Raquel Racontuer. Now that I’ve written it down it seems kind of pretentious.

But it’s kind of an alliteration, and that’s nice, right? _ _ _No? Well, what about how it kind of means something? _ _ _Not good either? Ok what if I pretend that the big word is meant to portray the questionable morality behind what only appears to be a children’s book? Oh, yeah-I guess it is a dumb name. I tried.


Story #1 is titled Lilly White Princess Gets a Job. Right now I’m trying to decide whether or not to make it stick figures, or real live illustrations. I may need some bones thrown my way (no gentlemen-not that kind of bone, not today.) once I get the text more concrete.

p.s. anybody have any job leads for me Lilly White?


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