I have gone much of my life being preoccupied. In my own little corner-my own little chair, if you will. It’s been a coping mechanism, of sorts.


It ALWAYS, everytime, without fail, surprises me when I notice other people who are further in oblivion than I am. My lord, how could ANYONE be more self-absorbed than me? Like, really? One of my fellow teachers failed to notice the hour long wait it took us to get to school today, due to a head-on collision that resulted in victims being air-evaced out. How. COuld. ANYONE not notice that?

Yesterday I dug out as many really really bad kid pictures as I could for a game we are playing for a friend’s 30th on Friday. I was shocked to notice that they weren’t that bad. I look downright clueless in most of them, and also more than a little dweebie. But the seething ugliness that I felt in childhood? it just wasn’t there. I was kind of a little cute even. Weird.


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  1. hm. interesting. i do not know you, yet you insult one of my all time favorite characters on my blog. respectable.

    while i agree with you about lost being just as circular as heroes, i think that looking for deeper meaning in primetime television is like looking for depth in the shallow end of a pool. i watch it because it is moderately entertaining and, to modify marx: tv is the opiate of the masses. i watch it to numb my brain. i’m guessing you probably don’t put a lot of stock in tv either.

    i hope you don’t find it creepy that i tracked your site down. you did, after all, comment first.

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