That’s how I do it-I got me a system.

I enjoy a lot of things…having a good time, laughing, eating delicous foods, having interesting but not overly philosophical discussions, hiking in the dead heat of the summer with the good time gang, sneaking clove cigarettes behind the backs of everyone who knows I am staunchly against smoking, taking long and arduous naps after school, the funny junk my students say, making things-anything, colors like hot pink grass green and blood red, novel music and movies-you know stuff with accordians and ukeleles or a kick ass indie soundtrac, reading good books with new words, origami, painting-but not all the time, thinking about space, a cool breeze on a warm day, ice tea on the back porch, talking with my mom, taking communion at church on Sundays, singing, studying languages, finding out that something I’ve glamourized my whole life is actually quite regular, making unusual friends, making kids laugh.


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  1. I love your system. You make the world a richer place….

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