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I’ve been thinking about what Sarah said
June 24, 2008

She said that in her Development of Human Psychology class (I think that’s what it was called), she learned that women tend to think they are less good looking than they really are, and men tend to think they are much better looking than they really are. I think this is probably somewhat true. I think I am not that good looking, and some guys thinks I am hot, and some don’t. I don’t think I am empirically good looking, but the point is-I know lots of guys that think they look better than they do. Plus, I know lots of girls that want these guys that aren’t quite as good looking as they carry themselves.

No big deal. Usually, I can’t stand good looking guys because they are such douche bags, or perhaps just incredibly vain. Typically in the past I’ve gone for some fairly gnarly looking fellas, so it stands to reason that I have deigned myself a female that is “impervious to good looks”…..


I have deck parties, like on Scrubs-minus the gay men.
May 26, 2008

I somehow have been assigned this role in life as “finder of all things broken and in need of immediate repair” I have no idea what I did to deserve such a lousy role, and whats more such a lousy title (to be fair I coined the title on my lonesome-it is expected, I suppose, from the “finder of all things broken and in need of immediate repair”, that I need a little help coming up with a more creative and succinct one).

It gets kind of old sometimes, so I try and pretend I didn’t notice the thing, or choose simply to omit the fact that I noticed from daily life, but that comes back to haunt me every time. I then cannot help myself, when it comes to full light that said thing needed repair, from piping up-“Oh yeah, I noticed that last week.” Then. I am responsible. I think I’m starting to wonder if maybe everyone else notices too, but they are just so much better at turning a blind eye to it.

Cuz you’re a rich little bitch and your mom will buy you a new one
May 23, 2008

Tear down the steps to my tree house, and I will rip the heart right outta your chest. I should have known that someone who could write these lyrics would not be nice enough to deal with me-catchy though.

If I ever get a tattoo, which i prolly won’t, it will be of a tree. That is all.

Who said this: “Daniel broke the king’s decree, Peter stepped from the ship to the sea, there was hope for Job like a cut down tree, i hope that there’s such hope for me”???

At the Attic I pooped and then found out there was no toliet paper. I amaze myself with my resourcefulness, lets keep it at that.

I want a dog and a kick ass apartment
May 23, 2008

yesterday, while I was making journals for with my kinders, some little grey eyes in a little brown face popped up over the once that I was piecing together to ask, ” Mith Schwarpth, what happen ip you eat gwittuh?” My natural response was clearly the most appropriate, “You die.” “Reaweey? You die? You die ip you eat gwittuh?!” “Yes, you die.” “How you know?” “I know because its poisonous, and poison kills you” (utter falsehoods here) “Are you sure Mith Schwarpth? Are you sure gwittuh wheew keew you?” “No, it won’t. I’m just teasing you.” “oh good,” little brown face lights up, “Cuth Nickwath put gwittuh in you copee”

Fast forward: “Boy, you guys weren’t kidding when you said you put glitter in my coffee! Fancy!”

Baby teethed chuckles from all around. “Wow, big sequins and everything.” More refreshingly evil giggles.