Technical Papers

I have a friend named Eddie-last name seems to be a rotation of things. The last last name I got out of him was nomme de plum Da Vinci. We all know this isn’t it. See, he makes a daily choice to dwell out of doors. I think that he could get more permanent homeostasis if he chose, because he is as crazy as a damn loon and I think that the government prolly has all kinds of hook up for that.

Thing is, he writes these technical papers-they are real nice, but kind of disturbing in a beautiful mind sort of way-and I made a portrait of him about three years ago on a giant piece of plywood that I have been hauling around with me ever since-mostly because I can’t bring myself to sell him.

He’s gotten kinda famous from it too, though he doesn’t know that because I never told him I made it, what with him being just a teensy bit paranoid  I figured he  wouldn’t dig it. My mom met him for the first time the other day-went right up to him and said, “Are you Eddie?” and he-predictably said, “Why yes ma’am, are we aquainted with one another?” to which my mom replied, “No, my daughter use to work at Starbucks-her name is Rachel? You know her? She’s been hauling around a giant picture of you for several years now!” (I winced at that bit, I was hoping to hide the fact from him indefinitely) She said he seemed genuinely delighted (must have been a good day) and said to her, “She is a very attractive and intelligent young woman, and I am still very disappointed that she left Starbucks. I miss her.”

And all I can say is-he may be crazy, but he’s not blind or stupid!


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